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Promote your website using YouTube


You can easily promote almost any type of website using YouTube and other video community websites, simply by creating a basic video which displays your URL and a few other images or informational messages related to your business niche. Posting a short video can create a wealth of free traffic coming from highly targeted visitors who are searching for your specific niche.

When somebody logs onto YouTube, they are prepared to be taken to a video which is going to offer a solution to what they are searching for. So keep that in mind while creating your promo video, you want to send the correct message to your visitors. Providing useful information is the key to getting the visitors to go from your video, to your website.

Each video that you create should be targeted to one specific keyword or key phrase each. If you optimize your video description using your keyword, and also insert your keyword into the title and the tags of the video, then you will have the best chance to rank high in search engines for your keyword. If you can write a well optimized description and title, and then build a few backlinks to the video, using the keyword as anchor text; then you have a good chance of ranking within the top 2 pages of Google if your keyword is not extremely competitive.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your video under 90 seconds long, unless it is a How To video, or something that the viewers are going to be able to watch for an extended amount of time. The worst thing that you can do is create a video that people do not want to watch, that will almost completely eliminate your chances of sending visitors to your sites through the videos.

In order to be able to produce almost an unlimited amount of great videos, you should have a nice set of pictures to use in your video. Using images that send a clear message and also grab the viewer’s attention is a must!

There are free resources online for those who are not familiar with how to create a video. If you have a set of images, you can go to a site called Animoto where they allow you to create a free account and use their free online software to put together a professional quality video at no cost. It’s a very simple process that will create a short 30 second video that you can also upload to YouTube directly from their site.

If you would like to place a link in the description of the video, you can do so by putting the entire URL, including the HTTP into the description box. This will allow the users to simply click the link directly next to the video as they watch it.

Youtube has come out with another great feature which allows users to add annotations to videos. This means that you can display a message on the video screen during any part of the video. This is great for displaying the URL to your website during the end of the video.

There are many great features on YouTube that can help you to drive more traffic to your website. Take the time to experience all of them for yourself, and you can begin to harness the power of free traffic!

Source: http://www.expertsforge.com/Internet-Marketing/promote-your-website-using-youtube-351.asp

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